Key Facts

Resort and Casino Project in Elk Grove: Key Facts:

  • A 35.9-acre parcel along Highway 99 in Elk Grove is the Tribe’s recommended preferred alternative for the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
  • An EIS must be prepared by the BIA in order for the land to be held in trust for the Tribe by the federal government.
  • After the land is held in trust, a compact between the sovereign government of Wilton Rancheria and the State of California is required.
  • The Draft EIS identified three potential sites for the Resort & Casino—Alternative A, near Galt; Alternative D, on the historic rancheria in Wilton; and Alternative F, in Elk Grove north of the future Outlet Collection.
  • Previously, the Tribe filed a land-into-trust application for a parcel west of Highway 99 north of the City of Galt. However, the $30-plus million cost of constructing an overpass at Mingo Road presented an insurmountable economic challenge.
  • The Howard Hughes Corporation, which owns the property along Highway 99, has entered into an option agreement for the sale of land to Wilton Rancheria. Hughes plans to build The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove on remaining area of the parcel.
  • The project will create:
  • 1,600 construction jobs; 1,750 full-time employee positions; and 3,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • Plus an annual multiplier effect for the regional economy.
  • The project also includes service payments for law enforcement, fire protection, traffic improvements, roadway maintenance and utilities.
  • And, philanthropic support for charities, youth sports and school programs.
  • When completed, the project will provide the community with venues for banquets, school reunions, and business retreats, among other uses.
  • For the Tribe, it will mean jobs, health care for members and families, scholarships and educational opportunities, investment in housing, self-sufficiency, and the ability to give back to the community.
  • Project partner Boyd Gaming has 40-plus years experience, a culture of family-owned business, 22 properties in eight states, integrated with the community; Boyd generously gives back to the community through health and human services, cultural affairs and education.

Crime and Casino

There is a lot of misinformation out there about crime and casinos. The facts are that study after study has shown no link between the two. Elk Grove Police Chief Bryan Noblett came to the same conclusion.  And it’s why the Elk Grove Police Officers Assn. supports the Wilton Rancheria project. You can read their letter here

For more information, see these studies by respected experts:

  • An independent study of 100 communities across the United States with Indian casinos found:
    • No evidence of harmful impact
    • Crime rates actually fall when Indian casinos are introduced into non-Indian communities.
    • Motor vehicle theft fell by 49% and robberies by 39%.
  • A recent yearlong study in Massachusetts found no significant link between the presence of a casino and certain crime rates.
  • And a study by Drexel University and Temple University criminologists examined 96 months of crime data in Philadelphia after a casino opened and found “no evidence” of “a significantly detrimental effect on the immediate neighborhood in terms of violent street felonies, vehicle crime, residential burglary or drug crimes.”

Overall Site Usage

97.7% will consist of:

  • 302 hotel suites & guest rooms
  • Spa & fitness area
  • Restaurants & fine dining
  • Ballroom, conference & entertainment venue
  • Pool area, parking & landscaping
  • Retail outlet stores
  • Movie theatre and more

2.3% will be:

  • Casino floor 

Where are we in the Process?