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Self-Help Center Request Form

The Wilton Rancheria Courts Self-Help Center is a free service provided to Tribal Members. The Self-Help Center can help determine the most effective approach to resolving legal issues, explain legal processes, provide and help fill out forms and create documents, including estates plans, and can refer individuals to other organizations or attorneys as needed.
By utilizing this free service, I understand and acknowledge the following:

  Attorneys at the Self-Help Center, including law clerks and paralegals, DO NOT represent me and are not my attorney. The attorneys cannot come to meetings or hearings with me.

  Attorneys and staff at the Self-Help Center cannot call courts or government departments for me, including departments of the Tribe – but they can assist me as I make the call myself.

  If I miss my appointment with the Self-Help Attorney, I will be placed last on the priority list for service and may be asked to fill out the documents on my own and only have the Self-Help Attorney review my completed documents.

  Self-Help Attorneys and staff are not able to assist or answer questions for family members (who are not members of Wilton Rancheria) or third-parties including, but not limited to: attorneys, law firms, document preparers, and paralegal services.

  The Self-Help Center staff act as a neutral person who does not represent me, and any communications between the Self-Help Center staff and I will remain confidential but are not protected by attorney-client privilege. I understand that the Self-Help Attorney may be asked to provide legal assistance to another Tribal Member who may be an opposing party to my legal issue.

  I understand that I should consult with my own attorney if I want personalized advice or strategy, to have a conversation protected by attorney-client privilege or to be represented by an attorney in Court.

  The Self-Help Center is not responsible for the outcome of my case and any legal strategies recommended by the Self-Help Center is not a guaranteed outcome.

  I understand that I will be responsible for any filing fees, service fees, or other associated costs with filing my case. Neither the Self-Help Center nor Wilton Rancheria Courts has any funds available to assist with fee payments. Upon my request, the Self-Help Center may be able to assist in the completion of fee waiver forms, as applicable.

  Due to their unique and complex nature, the Self-Help Center may be unable to provide assistance regarding certain case types including, but not limited to, active/pending criminal matters, immigration law, bankruptcy, and intellectual property but may provide attorney referrals. Additionally, should an individual case or matter prove to be exceptionally intricate, a referral may be given for an attorney who specializes in that specific field of law. The member would be responsible for any legal fees incurred from those, or any other, attorneys.

  Self-Help Center appointments will be made during normal business hours. Appointments outside of these hours may be available as schedules allow but are not guaranteed.

  While all members of Wilton Rancheria are eligible for Self-Help services, services are not guaranteed. The Self-Help Center operates on limited resources and services are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-ins and same-day in-person appointments cannot be accommodated at this time.

  I declare under the laws of Wilton Rancheria and the State of California, that I acknowledge, understand, and agree to the statements listed above.
The Self-Help Center Request Form must be completed prior to any self-help services being rendered.
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