2023 Court Fee Schedule

2023 Court Fees Schedule

Type of Document Description Price
Petition Starts an action in Tribal Court $50.00
Motion (Request for Order) Requests an Order from the Court $25.00
Notice by Publication Court approved way to serve process on another party. Cost of Publication
Notice of Appeal Request for the Appellate Panel to review a decision of the Tribal Court $75.00
Appeal from Government Decision Request for the Tribal Court to review the decision of a government body $50.00
Oath of Admission For attorneys to practice law in the Wilton Rancheria Courts $75.00
Transcript of Audio Recording Generate a transcript of a court hearing Cost of Transcription
Audio Recording Copy a court hearing onto a portable storage drive provided by the Court (personal drives not permitted) $15.00
Copy of Case File - Paper - Initial Photocopies of a case file up to 25 pages $10.00
Copy of Case File - Paper - Additional Pages Cost per page over 25 pages $0.25/page
Copy of Case File - Electronic Transfer to portable storage drive provided by Court (personal drives not permitted) $15.00
Waivers of Court Fees: Court fees are automatically waived for all cases initiated by a Tribal Official (ex: Citations or Constitutional Questions). All other parties seeking a waiver must file a waiver request form with the Court and demonstrate that they qualify for some form of state or federal goverment assistance or that they are otherwise on a fixed income due to inability to work. 


 Pursuant to Administrative Order No. ADM-2022-001