Indian Child Welfare Department


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Department of Indian Child Welfare will be to protect the Tribe’s children and families by implementing this Act. The Department will work with families in a way that is characteristic of the Tribe’s inherent culture, tradition, customs, and values and address the well-being and protection of the Tribe’s children and families. 


Purpose of the ICWA Department:

We believe that caring for our children is a sacred trust.  We will endeavor to ensure that every child from the Wilton Rancheria who must be placed into foster care is in a safe, caring and culturally supportive home.  We are dedicated to promoting family unity and well-being as well as protecting the tribes’ children and families.  We will collaborate with county, state, federal and other tribal agencies to provide quality services to tribal members. The department administers a broad variety of services including: 

Foster Care Placement

  • Tribal Placement Assistance
  • Recruit and Certify tribal Foster parents 
  • Oversee Tribal Foster Placements 
  • Development of Case Plans 
  • Native Child Foster Placement 

Family Preservation

  • Parenting Classes 
  • Case Management
  • Court Advocacy 
  • Family Reunification 
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Mediate with County and State Child protective Services 
  • Create innovative and proactive programs for tribal members 
  • Promote Wilton Rancheria Child Welfare and Family Unity 

Why and How to Become a Foster Parent


Cheryl Douglas
Executive Director of ICW

  9728 Kent Street, Elk Grove, CA, 95624
  916-683-6000 ext 2014

Isabel Torres
Victims Services Victim Advocate

  9728 Kent Street, Elk Grove, CA, 95624
  916-683-6000 ext 2021