Wilton Rancheria Department of Health
Journey Statement and Status

The Department of Health shall seek to assist tribal members in attaining an overall improved health status, and in obtaining health services that meet generally accepted standards of care. In doing so, the Department shall safeguard the interests of the Tribe, enhance the sovereignty of the Tribe, and exercise stewardship over those resources committed to it by the Tribe. 

Current Status
The status of the Department of Health is one described as a “body in motion.” Currently, our department has diverse programs all contributing to the health and wellness of our tribal community, their families, and the greater community. Likened to the weaving of a basket, our story has so much imprint within the hearts of our members. Every day, we are weaving the pattern of Wellness for all. Through the continued creation, collaboration, and dedicated commitment of our growing Health Warriors, we will continue to support the weaving of our story; whether it is through the vision of the basket, the collection of materials, the actual weaving, or simply, the use of the basket, we all have a place and are committed to the growth taking place. 

Administrative Division

Department of Health Administration
Wilton Rancheria’s Department of Health’s Administrative Division responsible for providing administrative aid to facilitate health programs and projects in key areas: leadership, training and development, communications, fund development and grant management, budgeting, contract development and management, human resources, and other general operational duties as needed. 

For additional information about D.O.H. administration, please contact

  Director Dr. Elena Tarango
  Executive Assistant Rebekah Pankiw


Department of Elders Assistance
Wilton Rancheria’s Department of Elder’s Assistance facilitates services for Tribal Elders. The Department of Elder’s Assistance promotes that the Tribe’s Elders are safe, healthy, and live life with a sense of purpose, community, and culture.  

For additional information about the Department of Elder’s Assistance please contact Elder Program Coordinators

  Maraia Gonelevu
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2027

  Cristina Lopez
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2036

Clinical Division

Purchased Referred Care Program
Purchase Referred Care (PRC) Program is a program of services not provided directly through Wilton Rancheria’s Department of Health. These services are made available to all eligible tribal members based upon criteria set forth in the Department of Health Policy and Procedures. Federal funds received to support the PRC program are not enough to cover all of Wilton Rancheria’s tribal member healthcare needs, therefore, Wilton Rancheria Department of Health (DOH) is required to implement eligibility guidelines and payment process. The PRC program is a “payor of last resort” and not a medical insurance company or to be utilized as an alternative to medical insurance. 

For additional information about Purchased Referred Care, please contact

  PRC Manager  Reina Tarango
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2021

  Health Referral Assistant  Cristina Lopez
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2036

  Health Referral Assistant Dee Lecanadau
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2037

Wellness Division

Youth Sports Program
It is our hope this scholarship program will encourage our youth to take a healthy risk and learn skill sets for individual and team sports; a healthy dose of competition; the value of hard work and practice; and the importance of supportive communities. It is our hope the experience gained by the youth will be a valuable one which they will want to continue throughout the seasons. 

For additional information about the Youth Sports Program please contact:

  Health Program Coordinator Tania Moore
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2031

Title VI Program
Wilton Rancheria and the Department of Health provide for Tribal Elders who are in need. The purpose of the Title VI program is to meet the needs of all the Tribal Elders enrolled in the program. By which food, commodities and other necessary items will be provided on a weekly basis to help aide our Elders and ensure their comfort and safety while also providing a social component, as well as providing health education, legal information, and much more to those who need it. 

For additional information about the Title VI Program please contact:

  Elders Coordinator Maraia Gonelevu
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2027
  Elders Coordinator Cristina Lopez
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2036

Native Fitness Club
The purpose of this group is to promote physical activity to our community members and to anyone who wants to participate in our Virtual Workout Program. Wilton Rancheria Native Fitness Club is a free, home-based Virtual Workout Program hosted on Facebook that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home. The workouts are specifically designed to be body-weight exercises so anyone can participate without specific equipment to perform the exercises shown. 

For additional information about the Native Fitness Club please contact

  Health Program Coordinator Tania Moore
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2031

Gym Membership Program
The purpose of the Gym Membership Program (GMP) is to support the efforts of our tribal members as they engage in physical fitness activities in an acceptable gym facility. We are here to support every effort made in securing Wellness for all tribal members. Having access to clean and appropriate facilities is just one tool we can provide. 

 For additional information about the Gym Membership Program please contact

  Health Program Coordinator Tania Moore
  916-683-6000 Ext. 2031

Health and Safety Division 

Facilities and Maintenance
Facilities and Maintenance is an organizational function that integrates all employees, the tribal office, and its process within the office environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life, health, and safety of employees and the productivity of the tribe. Facilities and Maintenance enable the sustainability, consistency, and efficiency of the tribe’s day-to-day operations. The Facilities & Maintenance Division under the umbrella of the Department of Health supplies services including maintenance of structures, utilities, equipment, mechanical and electrical systems. Services are supplied promptly to ensure that facilities work in a safe, secure, and cost-efficient environment. Every effort is made to enhance the appearance of facilities while being as cost-effective as possible. Facilities & Maintenance services are provided by technicians who have skill sets in building, carpentry, painting, plumbing, sheet metal & welding. As for HVAC and electrical crafts, the technicians will plan and coordinate the joint work with an outside licensed contractor. 

For additional information, please contact:

  Health and Safety Manager Maraia Gonelevu
  916-683-6000 Ext 2027

  Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor Dave Andrews
  916-683-6000 Ext 2015

  Lead Facilities & Maintenance Technician Billy Ayala

Special Projects 

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