As we continue to grow, we continue to preserve our ancestry…


To be eligible for membership in Wilton Rancheria, per the Constitution, 


Article III- Membership, Section 1. Requirements. A. All persons listed as distributees or dependant members in A Plan for Distribution of the Assets of the Wilton Rancheria, According to the Provisions of Public Law 85-671, Enacted by the 85th Congress, Approved August 18, 1958, as approved by the deputy commissioner of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs on July 6, 1959; and 

B. All lineal descendants of an individual eligible for membership under subsection (a) above, regardless of whether  the individual through whom eligibility is claiming is living or deceased. 

The Process of Enrollment

(Process can take up to three months or more) 

  1. Turn a completed application into the Enrollment Officer (Enrollment process begins) 
  2. Enrollment Committee reviews application
  3. If approved Applicant sent for DNA test; upon conclusive results,
  4. The applicant will be posted for a Thirty (30) day Review by General Membership, per the Enrollment Law passed by Tribal Council (Eligibility for Membership)

During the review period, any tribal member may object to the membership by putting it in writing to the tribal office to the attention of the Enrollment Officer.


As Our Branches Grow, Our Leaves May Fall, Yet Our Roots Will Continue On…


Mariah Sangmaster

Enrollment Officer

  9728 Kent Street, Elk Grove, CA, 95624
  916-683-6000 ext 2004