Judicial Branch – The Wilton Rancheria Courts

The Constitution of Wilton Rancheria provides that the judicial power of the Tribe shall be vested in the Tribal Court. The Wilton Tribe’s Judicial Branch consists of the Tribal Court, The Appellate Panel, and the Traditional Court. Together they are known as the Wilton Rancheria Courts. These three courts work together to ensure a fair and accessible system of justice. Transparency, accuracy, consistency, and fairness are their foundation. 

The Tribal Court

The Tribal Court is the initial level of review to resolve disputes or controversies that fall under the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court. 

The Traditional Court

The Traditional Court serves as a non-adversarial forum for dispute resolution guided by a panel of elders from the Tribe. The Traditional Court shall advise the Tribal Court on matters of custom and tradition, which represent the Tribe’s common law. In this manner, the traditional values of Wilton Rancheria are at the forefront of the Tribal Court’s decision-making process. 

Appellate Panel

 The Appellate Panel provides an additional level of review for decisions of the Tribal Court. This ensures that the Tribal Court’s decisions are consistent with Tribal law.

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