Elk Grove Police Officers Association letter of support

Elk Grove Police Officers Association letter of support

To: Wilton Rancheria
Attn: Raymond Hitchcock

The Elk Grove Police Officers Association (EGPOA) has been engaged in several meetings with the Wilton Rancheria to brainstorm ideas related to the potential impacts both positive and negative their proposed casino could present.

The Wilton Rancheria has been receptive to the EGPOA’s concerns related to potential burdens the casino could place on the police department as a whole, our residents, businesses and schools.

The POA feels the Wilton Rancheria representatives have made every reasonable effort to be transparent and address the potential impacts their project could create.  We are content on where we stand as a voice related to their project and look forward to fostering our relationship throughout the duration of the project and beyond in an effort to minimize any negative impacts.

As it stands today, the EGPOA supports the partnership with the Wilton Rancheria and their proposed casino.  

Vice President Nate Lange 

Posted: Sep 28, 2016,
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