Department of Environmental Resources

Mission Statement

The Department of Environmental Resources shall assess, conserve, monitor, preserve, protect, and restore tribal resources to enhance the environment within the Tribe’s Territory. (Territory is defined in article II of the Constitution of Wilton Rancheria). The Department shall safeguard the interests of the Tribe, enhance the sovereignty of the Tribe, and exercise stewardship over those resources committed to it by the Tribe and other jurisdictions.

  • Vision- To empower and promote Tribal Sovereignty and Self Determination while protecting and preserving the finite resources that our Ancestors left for us to care for, for future generations.
  • Values- Integrity, respect, and the pursuit of self-sustainability through Tribal Sovereignty.
  • Goals- To build Tribal Capacity that will foster and promote self-sustainability through environmental conservation, preservation, and protection.
  • Objectives- Complete each General Assistance Program workplan with sufficient efforts that are measurable through completion of milestones that will guide the Department on building future environmental capacities.

Cosumnes River, Wilton, CA.